Best Travel Ideas For a Vacation

Considering several factors regarding worldwide locations, below are three curated destinations of the best travel ideas for a vacation. Who doesn’t deserve time off from endless paperwork & tedious calculations? Certainly no one. The ecstatic feeling of temporarily switching environments for a stress-free time is one of the best you’ll ever have. From fitness to psychology and even in a nation’s economic improvement, the seamless benefits of going on vacation can’t be undermined.

While it seems effortless to conceive a picture-perfect holiday scene in mind, the onerous task of realizing it could, unfortunately, make one grow despondent. From budget limitations to unrecommended weather conditions, among others, picking a destination in an outright vacation plan for an unforgettable experience can sometimes be arduous.

Here are the best travel ideas for a vacation;

Cairo, Egypt

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Home to the ever-popular mummies and intriguing tales of past Pharaohs, Egypt is a significant pillar of the dark continent’s tourism. Her fascinating historical background, coupled with natural wonders, makes them every traveler’s dream destination.

Situated on Africa’s longest river’s banks, Nile is her sandy capital, the city of a thousand minarets. Admiration of the Islamic architecture prevalence, which is responsible for the world-renowned appellation, can be a starting point for first-time visitors. Her obscure yet charming highrise structures will continually remind you that you’re away from home, which definitely is a good feeling.

Whether you need some quiet alone time or want to be an animated tourist looking desiring to be amazed by attractions, there is always a place for you in the capital. The archaic but hardly-aging Egyptian museum, Cairo tower, and Pyramids of Giza exploration could enchant you. Ancient Pharaohs also owned other pyramids located in Dahshur, a small village south of Cairo. They are usually less crowded, and you can try them out if you couldn’t enjoy enough of the museum at Tahrir Square’s glamour. Although the capital is highly industrialized, there are still locations where you can find inner peace. Hurghada, a resort town located some hour’s drive from Cairo, can provide the comfort you require. Edges of the Sahara Desert are also less noisy than the city if you can stand its scorching heat.

With Cairo’s regular warm welcome to foreigners every moment of the calendar, the city’s a definite vacation idea you should try out someday.

Paris, France

Finding a perfect vacation stop to reignite the romance with that special someone? Or have your kids been anticipating the holiday of their lives too long? Paris may just be the ideal destination to make up for lost time and still preserve that love of yours.

As much as anyone attempts to resist eulogizing The City of Light for its impeccable charm, pictures highlighting her stunning beauty will surely do the talking. The city’s undying allurement at any time of the year is marvelous.

Being in a nation as old as time, churches, museums, and monuments are some factors responsible for its ceaseless appeal. You may or may not be a stranger to the world-famous Effiel tower, but a glimpse at its astonishing beauty, especially at night, may have you staring for long. Marveling at exhibits at the Louvre Museum is also as exciting as an evening stroll through Luxembourg Garden. Holding hands with your loved ones through the whole process makes the soothing sense of vacation repose more intense.

From Notre-Dame Cathedral to Moulin Rogue, Musee Rodin to Le Marais, the city’s attractions never hide in plain sight. Even the least recognized attractions could be the ones that’ll hold your attention. Although you may need to pay to get a closer view of the Mona Lisa painting, you can enjoy most of Paris’ enthralling sights penniless.

If you’ve never been to or considered Paris among your vacation ideas, you’re missing out a lot. No matter how long or short you plan the vacation to last – her breathtaking views will make every second worth it.

Maldives, Asia

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While Egypt’s ageless sights will ensure you travel back in time and Dubai’s futuristic world could undeniably hold you spellbound, Maldives has something different to offer – A chance to get close to nature than ever.

Surrounded by the Arabian Sea of the Indian ocean, relaxation under the serene shade of a palm tree can’t get any better. Ever feel bored of staring at the ocean sipping a coconut drink? Hike its winding rainforest path for a chance to discover rare species of fruit bats, reptiles, and birds on the lush vegetation. Speaking of wildlife, the terrestrial part of the nearly 1200-island nation is nowhere as alluring as its aquatic portion. With great lengths of auspicious seawater to flourish, a quick swim in the ocean can realize your dreams of witnessing live creatures you may have never seen.

Thanks to the wildlife conservation bodies, you can spot aquatic vertebrates ranging from sea turtles to dolphins, rays, whales, and even innocuous sharks. Snorkeling is also at its best in the tropical region. Sightings of the beautiful coral reefs with over a thousand fish species swimming around will, without doubt, create memorable experiences. As picturesque as the view may be, try not to get too close to most creatures. Some like the Lionfish, Stonefish, Barracuda, Giant Triggerfish are well-known for their aggressiveness whenever you go too close to their nests.

Even when you get tired of the wildlife and serene comfort, you can always take a tour around the country’s capital island, Male. The densely populated region depicts her principal religion, Islam, by the strikingly colored architecture present. Some tourist destinations there include the National Museum, Independence Square, and the Muliaage. If you naturally prefer Mother Nature’s wonders to the ever-busy cities, Maldives is a perfect vacation idea.


Taking a break from one’s conventional activities has a positive impact in many ways. As earlier highlighted, studies have proven its effectiveness in mental wellness, among others. It’s no surprise why governing bodies of many nations grant employees time off and still release paychecks.

There are many ideas for a vacation to consider that even an hour’s drive from home can feel like paradise. Amidst many available locations worldwide, starting to plan from the aforelisted ones will provide an experience like never before.