Cheapest places to travel to in 2021

Where can you go in 2021 that will allow you to travel longer, enjoy a higher standard, and save more money? The Cheapest places to travel to on this list offers value for money and affordability.


cheapest places to travel to

Why: Temples, temples and other temples. The home of UNESCO World Heritage temples in Angkor, consisting of the Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom Temple, the Ta Prohm and Bayon Temple, Siem Reap is the proud home of these magnificent works of art and architecture, dating back to the 12th century. (You can see them from the blockbuster movie Tomb Raider.) A three-day tour of the temples costs only $ 62 and is worth every penny. And while the Angkor temples account for more than half of the visitors who come to visit, there is more you can find here. When traveling to a new area, it is always important to learn about the culture and history of the country, so stop by the Cambodia Landmine Museum to view clearly and academically look into Cambodia’s past ($ 5 tickets for adults and free for children)

Meals: $ 5 – $ 10 per day. Some hostels offer breakfast

Accommodation: $ 3- $ 10 per night hostel

Transportation: $ 6- $ 15 a day motorcycle (prices may vary depending on the state of the bike and your connection skills) or a bus ticket

Sim card with data: $ 2 for 1.5GB for 30 days operation Yes, that’s cheap!

South Africa

cheapest places to travel to

If you are in South Africa, you may be surprised at the low prices, especially when you are away from big cities. However, Cape Town should not be overlooked. South Africa’s oldest city is home to impressive Table Mountain. At this popular tourist destination, it is only $ 22 for a cable car return, or if you feel more like it, you can go up for free. Cheap activities in the Cape Town area enjoy many free gardens or enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Cape Floral region. The cost of renting a car is cheap, about $ 10 a day including insurance. This means you can go anywhere in South Africa, or stay close by and drive around the Cape winelands with beautiful views, or go to the Cape Peninsula to Boulder Beach to see the penguins.

Currency: South African rand

Accommodation: A bed in a hostel will cost $ 10, or in a central hotel you can get prices from $ 25.

Food: Budget meals can be obtained from $ 5, or $ 15 for a food lover, who has 3 courses. Drinks: Local beer or coffee will always cost less than $ 2, and water will cost $ 0.70.

Attractions: You can find beautiful museums in cities where admission is free! A major attraction like the Table Mountain cable car is very expensive but certainly still costs $ 22.

Transportation: Car rental costs are very cheap, at only $ 10 a day. Local transport tickets, however, will cost you about $ 1.


cheapest places to travel to

Thailand is the heart of South Asia, and you can get between $ 25-30 a day for the guesthouse and the beaches directly on the sand for $ 15 / night, spicy Thai and mouth-watering dishes for under $ 2 a plate, and scuba diving for less than $ 20 makes Thailand an ongoing competition as one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world.

There are many cheapest places to travel to in Thailand – whether you are looking for National Parks, forests, cities or islands, there is your place in Thailand.

Your biggest expense when traveling in Thailand (depending on where you come from) may be your flight, but once you are there you can enjoy the surprisingly low cost and warmth of the locals who have made this place famous.


cheapest places to travel to

At the cheapest prices in Europe, few places have beats Bulgaria. In the summer, tourists from neighboring countries come to Bulgaria to enjoy the Black Sea at surprisingly low prices – but throughout the year, the country is quiet. That means there are no large crowds, no noise, and no high odds of living space, food, and advertising.

In fact, the most interesting places in Bulgaria will not miss a penny. Sofia, the capital of the country, is an old city where you can see the influence of Turkey and Byzantine – but the real beauty of the country will not really be found until you enter the countryside. Here, ancient small towns are located near high palaces at the top of the mountains. In Bulgaria, you can get a day’s worth of ice skates for the rest of your pay anywhere else in Europe, and hiking trails will take you up higher mountains like the Alps for free.

To make this trip much cheaper, skip the summer months, when the beaches are full and hotels increase their prices to take advantage of a short tourist season. The end of spring and early fall are great times to visit, especially if you spend time outdoors – the weather is nice, visitors are gone (or have not arrived yet), and prices are very affordable.

If you are a winter person, consider Bansko or Razlog, two of the best ski resorts, where you can enjoy the snow on a very small budget.

Vietnam Da Nang

this city of 1.2 million people in the South China Sea is a promising tourist attraction for some of the pristine beaches of Southeast Asia, the mountains (home to the longest car park in the world).

Hoi Ancient City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is only a 30-minute drive south.

Long-distance buses and trains are also reliable and affordable. Accommodation is just as comfortable and easier to afford than any other place in the world.

Indonesia, $ 30 / day

White sand beaches, world-class surfing, the world’s best diving and some of the most beautiful jungle and rice fields, Indonesia is undoubtedly one of our favorite countries in the world and one of the cheapest places to travel to this 2021.

Food and drink are cheap all over the world, not to mention the whole thing! Mountain biking is less expensive, as is hiking, chasing waterfalls, and sleeping on the beach at night. Hostels are plentiful, social and expensive, especially in places like the Gili Islands. Cost savings, stay with a district or two! There is so much to do and see, and spending a lot of time in one place will allow you to go deeper and have a more meaningful experience.

Meals: $ 5 – $ 15 per day. Some hostels offer breakfast

Accommodation: $ 5- $ 10 per night hostel

Transportation: $ 8- $ 15 per day motorcycle

Data SIM card: $ 5 for 2GB with 30 days validity

Merida, Mexico

If you are looking for cheapest places to travel to, look no further than Merida, Mexico. Merida is the largest city on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and is located about three and a half hours west of Cancun, making it a popular destination in the more expensive coastal areas.

You can catch one of the most reliable Mexican ADO buses from Cancun and it will take you to Merida at the lowest price. When you arrive, you will find that almost everything in this thriving colonial city is cheap.

Depending on the diet, make sure you walk at least a few blocks outside the central plaza for the most affordable and authentic options. There are many restaurants and many opportunities to taste Mexican food. The cuisine in this area is known as Yucatecan cuisine and is certainly one of the best things Mexico has to offer.


With good connection to bus, tram, and train, it is easy to travel around Portugal without spending a lot of money. While Lisbon may be less expensive, food and entertainment everywhere in the country comes with a budget – even famous seaside resorts like Camilo Beach in the Algarve can be visited by shoe if you plan your trip well and I need a good night’s sleep on the beach.

The real high season in Portugal is only two months long (June and July) so traveling outside of those months will help you find great deals on transportation and accommodation to save even more. Winter is also a good time to visit amazing discounts, especially if you are going to the cities – with temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius in January, Portugal is not cold at all.

Most of the attractions of Portugal to see are in Lisbon and Sintra, where you will find items such as the ancient Belem Tower defense; Gothic palace Jerónimos; and the public place Praça do Comércio, surrounded by shops and fine restaurants. These are free to enter or cost very little.

Sintra is home to many castles and palaces – including the majestic Moor Mountains – with entrance fees, but skipping tours and just spending time exploring the grounds is amazing and very cheap.

Usually, a visit to Portugal is about enjoying local food, traveling to the beach, and finding places, which will keep your costs low and allow you to see more of the country on a tight budget


cheapest places to travel to

India is probably one of the cheapest places to travel to this 2021, but only if you are willing to strip and hunt for deals. Keep in mind that cheap rooms that go in the $ 3 range will be the most basic and it is common to wash with warm water buckets. You will be hard pressed to find cheap gemstones in the north, but the south with its beautiful beaches can seem very productive when it comes to budget accommodation.

The best way to get through India on a budget is to book things for yourself. This means that there are no agents and no online booking sites (except for specific trips. To find out, check out 12Go Asia). Like Nepal, if you walk into a guesthouse, a restaurant, and a tourist company, you can easily find the same items in person at a price quoted online.

Meals: $ 3 – $ 6 per day

Accommodation: $ 4 – $ 8 per night at a local guesthouse

Transportation: $ 1 – $ 3 for all day buses and trains, or $ 8 – $ 30 for public transportation (sometimes a domestic flight costs up to $ 30,

SIM card with data: $ 3 for 1.5GB for 30 days validity. Yes, that’s cheap!


cheapest places to travel to

On the beautiful tropical beaches, you are no longer going to Thailand these days. With having the best islands, the Philippines one of the cheapest places to travel to this 2021. Aside from its unspoiled coastal areas, it is also a place of cultural interest, with a mixture of Asian and Spanish / US colonies, beautiful northern rice fields to the north, and amazing nature.

Palawan Island is a current favorite, but I highly recommend the medium and very diverse Visayas (such as Cebu, Bohol, and Siquijor Islands) or the province of Batanes. You will not be disappointed.

Backpacker budget: $ 35 per day

Medium budget: $ 60 per day