Does Walmart Cash Insurance Checks? Everything You Need to Know.

Does Walmart Cash Insurance Checks
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Does Walmart Cash Insurance Checks?

Are you wondering if Walmart cashes insurance checks? If you are in need of cashing an insurance check, you may be curious if Walmart is a viable option. While Walmart does offer check cashing services, it is important to know their specific policies and limitations when it comes to insurance checks.

It is important to note that Walmart’s check cashing policy may vary by location, so it is always best to call ahead and confirm their policies before making a trip.

Walmart usually cashes different types of checks such as payroll, government, and tax refund checks, money orders, and traveler’s checks. However, for insurance checks, there might be extra requirements or limitations in place.

Walmart Check Cashing Policy

If you need to cash an insurance check, you may be wondering if Walmart can help. Walmart does cash insurance settlement checks, along with other types of checks. Here’s what you need to know about Walmart’s check cashing policy.

Accepted Checks

Walmart permits you to cash several types of checks, such as payroll, government, tax refund, insurance settlement, cashier’s, money orders, and two-party personal checks.

The maximum amount you can cash per check is $5,000, except during January through April, when the limit is temporarily raised to $7,500 to accommodate larger checks.


To cash a check at Walmart, you must meet specific requirements. You need to provide a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and the name on the check must match the name on the ID.

Walmart also mandates that you provide your social security number or taxpayer identification number to comply with federal regulations aimed at preventing illegal activities.

Furthermore, Walmart charges a fee for cashing checks, which varies based on the check type and amount. For instance, the fee for checks up to $1,000 is $4, whereas the fee for checks ranging from $1,001 to $5,000 is $8.

Overall, Walmart’s check cashing policy is straightforward and can be a convenient option if you need to cash an insurance settlement check or other type of check. Just make sure you bring a valid ID and are prepared to pay the check cashing fee.

Insurance Checks

If you have an insurance check that you need to cash, you might be wondering if Walmart is an option. Here’s what you need to know.

Types of Insurance Checks

Walmart can cash insurance settlement checks, which are checks that you receive as payment from your insurance company for a claim you filed. These checks can be for things like car accidents, property damage, or medical bills.

However, it’s important to note that Walmart will not cash insurance policy checks, which are checks that you receive as a refund for overpaying your insurance premiums.


When it comes to cashing insurance settlement checks at Walmart, there are some limitations to keep in mind. First, Walmart has a limit on the amount of the check that they will cash.

The limit is $5,000 per check, but it is temporarily raised to $7,500 during January through April to accommodate more substantial checks.

In addition to the cashing limit, Walmart also charges fees for cashing insurance settlement checks. The fees vary depending on the amount of the check, but they typically range from $4 to $8 per check.

It’s important to note that these fees are in addition to any fees that your insurance company may charge for issuing the check.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Walmart has the right to refuse to cash any check, including insurance settlement checks, if they suspect fraud or if they are unable to verify the check’s authenticity. So, while Walmart can cash insurance settlement checks, it’s not a guarantee that they will cash yours.

In summary, Walmart can cash insurance settlement checks up to $5,000 (or $7,500 during certain months) and charges fees for doing so.

However, they will not cash insurance policy checks, and they have the right to refuse any check if they suspect fraud or are unable to verify its authenticity.

Alternative Options

If Walmart doesn’t cash your insurance check, don’t worry, there are other options available to you.

Other Places to Cash Insurance Checks

There are other options available to cash your insurance check:

  • Check-cashing stores: Several check-cashing stores can cash your insurance check for a fee. However, be aware that these fees can be quite high, so make sure you compare rates before choosing a store.
  • Banks: If you have a bank account, you can deposit your insurance check into your account. Depending on your bank’s policies, you may be able to access the funds immediately or you may have to wait a few days.
  • Credit unions: If you’re a member of a credit union, you may be able to cash your insurance check there. Like banks, credit unions may have policies regarding how long you have to wait before accessing the funds.

Alternative Payment Methods

If you don’t want to cash your insurance check, there are other payment methods available to you. Here are a few options:

  • Direct deposit: Many insurance companies offer direct deposit as a payment option. This means that your funds will be deposited directly into your bank account, eliminating the need to cash a check.
  • Prepaid cards: Some insurance companies offer prepaid cards as a payment option. These cards work like debit cards and can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs.
  • Electronic transfer: If you have a PayPal or Venmo account, you may be able to receive your insurance payment via electronic transfer. This method is fast and convenient, but be aware that these services may charge fees for transferring funds.

Remember, when choosing an alternative option, make sure you understand any fees or policies associated with the method.