Family Vacation Ideas To Try In India


Credit to India’s intriguing cultural diversity to mother nature’s endless benevolence, an inquiry of family vacation ideas in India proves quite risible. The countless number of exploitable activities for an unforgettable experience is arguably one of the best in Asia.

For many purposes, the nation has allured a lot of foreigners over the years. But be it for educational, business, or health purposes, relishing most of its picturesque sights is inevitable.

Despite seeming arduous to limit the best activities across the 3.3 million sq. km area, here are some recommended family vacation ideas to try if you ever get to be in India.

Hike its stretching Himalayas

family vacation ideas

Even if you’re not the trekking type, the breathtaking view of India’s finest-hiking destinations could coax you into it. The beautiful topography, hilly, lush vegetated fields, and climate are some causes for its beauty. If you’re a fanatic adventurer with great fondness and flair for taking pictures, there’s no way you won’t find it exhilarating. Recommended hiking destinations hardly contain dangerous trails, but you can preferably go with an accomplice or maintain a steady network connection in case you experience anything out of the ordinary.

What makes it more worthwhile is the chance it gives to meet new villagers, discover waterfalls, and even get glimpses of obscure wildlife.

No matter how time-constrained it may be for you in India, you can’t afford to miss the golden opportunity.

Enjoy their beaches’ comfort or go sea diving near the coast.

Notably bordering a large area of the Arabian and Laccadive seas, Indians have more than enough space to establish beaches, which they have. The long stretches of white sand that could get in between your toes on a sunny day create moments to savor. Whether you’re naturally rambunctious or you need a serene atmosphere for yoga, a few meters away from the Indian coastline will serve the purpose.

Besides, why remain terrestrial all day when you can have an hour or two alone times underwater? Although some beautiful coral reefs may be restricted to a few islands in India, touring the sea is undoubtedly still one of the best things to do in India. If you ever get wearied of the priceless view near shore, try hunting for specific aquatic organisms. If you can spot a stingray, barnacle, or green turtle, it’ll be a plus in your favor. Whether it be solo snorkeling or one with a partner, targeting the best period when waters are clear at a conducive temperature would be cool.

Try some local delicacies.

I seriously doubt that your to-do list will ever be complete without craving some Indian local cuisines. Thankfully, the sumptuous aroma of Indian dishes is a shadow of their taste. Some of their most tasty flavors lie in delicacies including, Aloo gobi, Chana masala, Palak paneer, and a host of others. It may sound absurd for those who are already familiar with these foods. But if you’re new, eating most local dishes possible is definitely among the things to do in India no matter how long or short the period you spend there may be.

Save up some funds, pick a date or a period, walk into a local restaurant around and eat as much combination as you can. You might want to avoid excess of them, but remember, some individuals are yearning for the opportunity you have. It’s best not to misuse it.

Go for photoshoots in quirky Indian attires.

Still feeling like a stranger in an utterly new world? Match with the crowd as you glimmer in some of the most dazzling ethical attire you could ever come across. As earlier highlighted, India’s religiously and ethnically diversity is a very significant attribute of theirs, and it takes full responsibility for their marks, pierces, and most of all, dress codes. Although the country’s diversity may be no surprise, being the second most populated nation in the world, it gifts you the chance to try out some of their quirky-looking dress codes.

There’s obviously no way you can try all possible combinations, but creating a look-alike shot with your favorite Bollywood star isn’t half bad. Frame the pics, and I assure you that it’ll be one of the most valuable souvenirs you could ever receive from a vacation.

Visit some sacred caves & temples around you.

family vacation ideas

If there is anything you didn’t know about India, it shouldn’t be their possession of a significant number of caves & temples, which are sacred. Having three temples & caves respectively listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site list, there is no reason why a visit to them isn’t among the best things to do in India. Either you are in Tamil Nadu or Bihar, or you coincidentally resided near Ellora, there is always a mysterious cave/temple around to visit.

Considering the Elephanta caves as an example, Indians dedicated it to the Hindu god, Shiva. The stone sculptures of the god and accompanied markings narrate Hindu mythologies. Different monolithic in honor of the Lord of yoga (Yogishvera), Lord of Dance (Nataraja), and Trimurti Sadashiva (three-faced Shiva) are present. No matter what religion or tenets you hold, it’s best to prioritize an unprejudiced mindset to enjoy the rare artifacts’ view. It’ll definitely lead to an experience that can effortlessly make you conquer the quest for an unforgettable memory.


There are tons and tons of fun-filled family vacation ideas of things you could do in India, especially if you’re vacating there. If unsure, consider many options before deciding where to stay for convenience and easy access to where necessary.

In tourism, the nation possesses a good number of attractions. Presently, the country is ranked 7th on the list of countries with the most UNESCO world heritage site. There’s certainly no harm in paying visits to them all if you’re capable of it.

From culture to religion with some spark from nature, India can never be a boring destination downright for any adequately planned trip. If already there, start your exploration of what it has to offer soonest. Go hiking, diving, exploring, and even munching for evergreen memories.