Strongest kids in the world

strongest kids in the world

If you want to be like Bruce Lee, then you have to start at a young age. But when it comes to childhood, it is mostly toys, games and playgrounds that come to mind. Would your child like to lift weights? Believe it or not, there are some children in this world who are stronger than you. Unlike other kids there are kids who took weight lifting or boxing at a young age and will surprise you with their amazing strength. These kids may look humble, but they are one of the strongest kids in the world, they possess great power and respect in their community.

You will be amazed at the strength of these young people, many of whom do not even attend high school.

Whether it is their genetic mutations or their insane training, it is undeniable that these kids are stronger than the average human. Here are the 13 strongest kids in the world:

  1. Brodie bowen

Brodie bowen takes the first place on this list of strongest kids in the world, she is the daughter of fitness coach and Instagram promoter Jes Bowen, has been following in her mother’s footsteps since she was very young, and has been showing remarkable progress recently. In recent videos posted by her mother on social media, Brodie can be seen dead lifting a 50-pound (43kg) barrel under the watchful eye of her father, Jordan. The intriguing video was downloaded by the popular Instagram page of House of Highlights which shared with its 17.7 million followers, which made it even more popular. While some have announced their love for the strong young athlete, others have expressed concern about her health.

Brodie started attracting people when she was only 5 years old and using impressive methods of lifting weights like hang clean by 15 pounds, but she has come a long way since then, adding more techniques and more weight to her training program.

Some of her videos also show Brodie Bowen squatting 70 pounds and her mother Jes says she is very dedicated to her fitness.

  1. Arat hosseini

Next on this list of the strongest kids in the world, an Instagram star, soccer player or fitness expert are just some of the flattering labels that people have used to describe Arat Hosseini. He first made headlines around the world a few years ago when a video of what many initially thought was a girl dribbling opponents on the football field was circulated on social media. The ‘girl’ turned out to be a tall Iranian boy, with dark hair whose father had been training to be an athlete since he could walk. Soon pictures of his little six-pack abs and videos of his self-training practices made him circulate online, and Arat’s career as a social media star began.

Arat’s father, Mohammad, had been training him since childhood. At the age of two he had already appeared in international publications. But that was just the beginning, as Arat discovered soccer and proved himself to be very good at it.

Starting training at such a young age, it is not uncommon for Arat to be physically fit, but it is not a daily occurrence when you see a six-year-old with a prominent six-pack. His biceps, shoulder muscles and pectorals look good too, making many Arat fans crown him with the world’s most powerful six-year-old.

  1. Lyza Brooks Mosier

Lyza Brooks Mosier, a 10-year-old Georgia girl, has been receiving a lot of attention with her body tone, especially her six-pack abs.

“Lyza is completely dedicated as she wants to be a champion of the best,” the girl’s mother, Jill, told Caters News. “She stays on top of his game by getting up at 5:30 in the morning to train – we have set up all kinds of gymnasiums in our last room where she could go for hours to exercise.”

  1. Richard Sandrak

Ukrainian-born American-born bodybuilder, and actor Rickard Sandrak, also known as Little Hercules, is known as the world’s most powerful child with a muscular body made in his early years. He had big muscles when he was eight, had six full packs.

Little Hercules Richard Sandrak gained worldwide popularity as a slim builder but also for his martial arts and his appearances on TV and in movies. But with an amazing body, the little boy paid the price.

Richard says he trained all his days, and is not allowed to go out and spend time playing with his friends, or to put it simply, he did not have a normal childhood of fun. He was not allowed to eat candy or unhealthy foods, he was obliged to eat lettuce at a young age while his family members used to eat pizza.

Sandrak has now reportedly stopped building body after getting bored and after his father, Pavel Sandrak was arrested and went to jail during an interview with an internal publication in 2015. Hercules’s boy is now doing heart exercises, wrists, climbing stairs, and riding on his skateboard. Richard still appears to be in good shape but is far from a torn, muscular body that he had before. Although he has stopped building the body since he set himself a very different goal: space research but he still deserves to be on this list of the strongest kids in the world.

  1. Andrey Kostash

This little Ukrainian is a complete machine. Andrey started training at the age of five. According to the smallest bodybuilder, Exercise boosts self-confidence and strength. At six, Andrey completed 3,000 pushups (without a break). It took 2 hours and 29 minutes, and Kostash did not call her by that number. His improvement was close to 6,000.

  1. CJ Senter

You may know him better as “the Workout Kid.” The 10-year-old really wowed everyone with his exercise skills.

The CJ Center teaches and encourages others to stay healthy; his DVD fitness programs encourage other children to live healthier lives with healthy eating.

He loves training, but he does not encourage body building for children. His secret is simply to exercise and eat a healthy diet, and much more! Now 17 years old, he started his own fitness company at the age of 10, creating his own fitness guide and DVD sets for kids!

  1. Liam Hoekstra

Liam Hoekstra lives in Roosevelt Park, Michigan, with his parents and was born in 2005. Liam’s first super-strength as a kid was when he was doing pull ups easily without any assistance while other children struggled with pull ups, liam was knocking it off easily like it was nothing.

He took his chest over the bar and held it for minutes, much to the surprise of his classmates, who may have thought that he would take a different kind of breakfast every morning!

A rare myostatin syndrome called muscle hypertrophy was diagnosed after several tests and tests. You may ask, what is this incredible disease? Myostatin deficiency is a condition in which the body quickly builds up its muscles and blocks body fat. And in fact, who may be jealous of all you fitness enthusiasts, young Liam can eat ice cream and KFC chicken wings without having to worry about looking chubby and having 40 percent muscle mass and low fat.

A muscular child is taller than other boys of his age and has a string of prominence in any muscle activity that can be put on him. The Liam Hoekstra literally has enough power to lift heavy dumbbells comfortably without heavy breathing or lifting furniture easily in the house.

His skeletal structure, muscles, can grow rapidly without heart problems. If he wishes, young Liam can sit on the couch all day with potato chips, and his body will always crack as he watches his favorite Nickelodeon series.

  1. Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano Stroe is a Romanian child gymnast and bodybuilder. At the age of two, Giuliano started working out in the gym with his father.

He became known in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009, the most powerful boy in the world. With a weighted ball between his legs, Giuliano set a 33-foot hand walk record.

A year later, with 90-degree push-ups (exercises where the legs don’t touch the ground) Stroe set a world record. Now 14, the young athlete lives with his family in Italy. Giuliano now focuses on boxing, taking part in various competitions.

  1. Varia Akulova

Varvara Yurievna Akulova was born in the circus of Yuriy Akulov and Larisa Akulova on January 10, 1992 in the Ukrainian mining town of Kryvyi Rih. When Varia was 10 years old, she was able to work in the circus with her mother and father.

The name Varya Akulova doesn’t mean much to you, but she is known in Ukraine as the most powerful girl in the world. At just 8 years old, she was able to lift weights and pull off straight stunts in a fun sci-fi movie.

Varya Akulova managed to lift a total weight of 350 kg and her weight was just 40 kg. At the age of three, Ukraine’s strongest child lifted a 100 kg barbell. Varia Akulova is now 21 years old, has been a beautiful lady, and still holds the weight lifting records. The family now lives in Kyiv, and her next goal is the Olympic Golden Medal and the world title of the strongest woman.

  1. Yang Jinlong

Yang Jinlong is a a seven-year-old child who lives in anhui province in china. One of the strongest kids in the world weighs 110 pounds [110 kg], about three times the weight of a seven-year-old. But great energy comes with a considerable amount of weight, and obviously this child does not need the motivation or encouragement to clear his vegetable plate.

The child is so strong that he alone can push cars, carry his father, lift heavy bags of grain. The man of little strength is now the star of web fame in China with his full cheeks and big smile, as people flock to see what he will take next.

Yang Jinlong shows no sign of stopping and currently weighs more than 50kg. When asked how he produced that energy, with a smile Yang replied, “Because I’m fat!”. We know two things now about this statement; Yang is strong and loyal.

  1. Naomi Kutin

Naomi Chaya Kutin is a powerlifter who started her career at the age of eight and has set many records in several weight classes. Kutin, a 16-year-old with a bodyweight of only 132 pounds has lifted weight three times her body size. She has deadlifted around 365 lbs and has squatted 325 lbs.

His warm-up includes a high volume of heavy weight and a series of grunts that the young psyche is often kept in. Kutin is named by her peers “The Super Girl.”

  1. Jake Schellenschlager

Jake Schellenschlager is a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder who is only 14 years old. He trains seven days a week and participates in many competitions throughout the year. He is a natural bodybuilder (he does not use steroids) and is strong enough to lift his body weight twice, which is really impressive considering his age.

His love for lifting weights began with watching his father work out (which impressed him) and told his father that he wanted to be the strongest child ever. After spending two and a half years in training, he set world records in his weight class – under 123 pounds.

  1. Maryana Naumova

Maryana Naumova is a Russian legend known for her age group, with more than a dozen records. In 2015 she recorded a bench pressing 331 pounds in the Arnold Classic.

She was born in Staraya, Russia to Olga Ivanova, and Alexander Naumov. Maryana started lifting heavy weights at the age of 10 and quickly gained popularity while receiving sponsorship deals from MHP. Also, she soon became the first woman under 18 to compete in the weightlifting competition at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.