The 28 best islands for honeymoon

best islands for honeymoon

Islands for honeymoon

No matter which time zone or hemisphere, being on the island gives you that comfort of an alone time with you and your spouse away from the real world. And isn’t that what the honeymoon is all about — escaping and living your beautiful holiday life in nature’s best place? But which one.

Ready to find your private island oasis? Scroll through some of our favorite best islands for honeymoon.

  1. ARUBA

best islands for honeymoon

There is a reason why this island is top one on our list for the best islands for honeymoon. This small island off the coast of Venezuela has much to offer day and night. The alabaster sand and blue waters of Palm Beach create a beautiful honeymoon setting, or you can head to Arashi Beach for a little privacy and stellar snorkelling.

Couples can travel by horseback, while taking a different approach to the desert meeting, at Rancho La Ponderosa. Very good food and easy to find

The average annual temperature is 28 degrees Fahrenheit [28 ° C], and Aruba has one of the hottest days of the year on any Caribbean island. Also, its location puts it south of the hurricane belt.


best islands for honeymoon

If you and your partner want to go out, a honeymoon to Bora Bora is a good choice. Mount Jemged Otemanu, rising about 270 feet [731 m] above sea level, is the epicenter of the French Polynesian island. Fans of silent volcanoes venture out into the dense jungle and are captivated by the home of stingrays and colorful fish. Whether you’re hiking at its base or taking pictures from afar, it’s awe-inspiring.

overwater bungalows, many of which have private sinking ponds, are a popular habitat on the island. The food at Bloody Mary’s, on the island center where staff describes a new fish displayed in seven languages, is a must. You can sample the poisson cru (raw tuna or mahi-mahi refined in lime and coconut) while sitting on a coconut stem on a wooden slab table. Fact: The famous love birds Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have eaten there many times.


best islands for honeymoon

Bermuda is famous for its pink sandy beaches. Guests here love golf and drink tea in the afternoon – this is because it is a British territory. If you walk around floral trails, admire the historic architecture, and ride around a moped designed for two (no rental cars here) it sounds like your dream holiday destination, Bermuda might be your honeymoon spot.

Astwood Cove is a small, beautiful and secluded beach surrounded by cliffs, with a trail that leads to the sand.


best islands for honeymoon

Whitewashed homes full of hills, ancient vineyards, tangerine-colored sunsets over the sapphire Aegean Sea and fresh seafood for days – it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Santorini consists of two inhabited islands and a number of islets, the site of a major volcanic eruption.

You can visit Akrotiri, a 3500-year-old Minoan mining site covered with ashes (like the well-known Pompeii). Santorini’s fascinating history of landscape should thank the foreign landscapes with red volcanic sand and dark rocky mountains Meanwhile, the town of Oia, lined with beautiful tavernas and family-owned shops, is an ideal place for afternoon walks. Its main venue often has local musicians performing, and the magnificent Greek Orthodox church has a delightful backstory.

  1. MAUI

best islands for honeymoon

With beautiful scenery, high-quality restaurants, whale watching opportunities and turtles and luxury resorts, Maui is apparently the most beautiful island of Hawaii’s newcomers. Also, it is apparently thicker than Oahu.

Snorkelling in Molokini and Kapalua Bay are different. Driving down the famous road to Hannah, which is dotted with waterfalls, black sand beaches, and rainbow eucalyptus trees, is full of wonders. And while you may not think of getting up early in the morning on your honeymoon morning, taking a trip to see the sunrise at Haleakala National Park is worth it. Mama’s Fish House, known for its high mahi-mahi, is one of the most popular places for a romantic dinner.

  1. LUCIA

best islands for honeymoon

St. Lucia has both stunning mountains and beautiful beaches. It sees fewer tourists than other Caribbean islands, so it’s one of the best islands for honeymoon and solid for couples looking for a a tropical getaway without crowds.

A day spent in the mountains of Pitons (volcanoes signed by St. Lucia) and a dunking in nearby mud baths are only worth a trip. A visit to the Segway, a zip cover over the dense jungle at Treetop Adventure Park, and a loving walk around the Morne Coubaril Estate, an 18th-century territory, will also keep you busy.


For an inexpensive beach honeymoon, check out the Caribbean nation of Jamaica. Inclusive resorts are packed here, including several with a lovey-dovey vibe, such as Sandals buildings and couples. And after the pressure of planning (and breaking up) in a marriage, budget-friendly aspects of everything involved can be appealing.

If you feel like getting off your vacation and checking in, a day trip to Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphin Cove and Ochos Rios can be easily arranged. A visit to Rick’s Cafe in Nigril is woth it.

  1. BALI

best islands for honeymoon

For new couple dreaming of an exotic honeymoon can come to Bali, a relaxing and romantic island, one of the best romantic islands for honeymoon. The pagodas are dense and large temples, such as the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan water temple, with a wide area.

Extraordinary bird watching tours, snorkeling tours to coral reefs and dolphin swimming are popular activities here. Kuta, one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations, is a place where you can enjoy your honeymoon trip.


best islands for honeymoon

Puerto Rico is home to an exciting combination of exciting nightlife, fascinating history (Old San Juan is a Unesco world heritage site) and natural wonders. Among the latter are caves in Rio Camuy Cave Park, El Yunque National Forest, and a bioluminescent port in Fajardo. Another reason to put Puerto Rico on your list: After the devastating hurricane of 2017, it will feel good to support their tourism industry.

  1. Maldives

best islands for honeymoon

Start a married life in style by going to the Maldives, an island nation of 26 atolls scattered across the Indian Ocean.

Excellent seafood, not surprisingly, is featured prominently on the menus. The Maldives is also home to the smallest cities in the world – men – 5.6 square kilometers. The National Museum is a major attraction here, and many tourists enjoy walking around the bustling fishing grounds. This is one of the best islands for honeymoon.

  1. Northern Island, Seychelles

There are only eleven houses across the island ranging from about 5,000 to 8,000 square feet, including a sink, dining tent, outdoor lounge, and golf cart to get around this property. Indeed, it is so great that you can walk for days without seeing anyone else. Driving enthusiasts will absolutely love this place – not only scuba certification courses, but there are also 20 different dive locations within minutes of the island, so you can both start a different water trip each day.

In addition, there are guided tours, island trips, fishing and sunset trips for all types of travelers.

  1. Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

Located just outside the Andros Great Barrier Reef (the third largest island in the world), this family-owned private island is a true symbol of white sand beaches overflowing in clear water. Choose from one of the 27 houses, each of which is limited enough to feel like you have the whole island for you. Each comes with an outdoor shower and a private verandah lined with bougainvillea flowers.

Great Wi-Fi is available at the Internet Lounge, but we suggest you completely navigate the grid so you can both enjoy collaborating with this beautiful Caribbean place.

Take off your sandals, feel the sand between your toes, or perhaps choose to grab some rowing boards or kayaks – and go around for a day at the water’s edge above the Bahamas.

  1. Cempedak, Indonesia

Serenity dominates most of this private adult only island, located on Riau Island two and a half hours from the Singapore port of Tanah Merah. You will feel united with the beautiful jungle landscape here, as each of the twenty houses is made of solid bamboo. There are two beaches immediately in front of the hotel, and a third more secluded beach is available.

Whatever you do, be sure to book a treat at Rock Spa, located on top of large granite rocks facing the mangrove port. The spa offers a complete, local-inspired treatment inspired by Balinese techniques, and all treatment rooms look out to sea – so you can indulge in the sound of the ocean waves as you indulge in pure Indonesian sea salt, lavender, rosemary, and grapefruit body rub. .

  1. Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

You do not need to fly to Asia or the South Pacific to experience a beautiful private island. Montenegro, home to some of the best islands for honeymoon has long been a well-kept secret by Europeans traveling in a jet set, and the resort is located in the middle of a sunny beach.

The Aman area retains a rich history of the island – dating back to the 15th century – in addition to adding a spa, three pools and a yoga pavilion. The island is connected to beautiful villages on the continent by a pink sand beach, where fishermen can now be seen bringing their day trips to the shore.

The open piazza serves as the heartbeat of a resting place, a place where long, lazy lunches extend all afternoon into the Mediterranean sunset, and the dedicated menus are a feast for the senses, serving wine and local spirits, as well as local cheese, honey, olive oil, and herbs.

  1. kokomo, Fiji

If it’s sustainable barefoot luxury you want, then look no further than this charming private island, located on a 45-second helicopter flight from Fiji’s Nadi International Airport.

Each of these 21 buildings offers its own pool, private fenced garden, and access to the beach (there are also five Hilltop Luxury accommodations that are ideal for multi-generation groups – honeymoon, beaches are more than enough.

The Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth-largest in the world, is located just a few miles from the sea, and the resort can easily accommodate a ski trip or boating. But Kokomo doesn’t just offer luxury homes and exciting adventures on the island’s private property – they take their food seriously.

The island has a 5.5-acre organic farm (which provides everything from tropical fruits to zucchini, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and more), making for a farm to table experience that you may not find in other resorts. The resort also offers certified seafood from “Dock To Dish” from local and indigenous fishermen.

  1. Jumby Bay Island, Antigua

You don’t need to fly around the planent to find a private island tourist destination – this beautiful private island two kilometers off the coast of Antigua offers a certain level of luxury that keeps its reputation and other special clients coming back again and again.

The open spa is truly amazing — it offers treatments with everything from hand-picked herbs directly from the island garden, cutting to fresh skin care products from Tata Harper. There are two pools, including the 82-meter-wide Verandah Pool in the center of the hotel, and the Oceanfront Infinity Pool.

  1. Miavana, madagascar

The environment here is so wild and unspoiled, it really feels like another planet. Walking through the jungle around this vibrant independent island, you may come across everything from lemurs to geckos, rabbits, and a hundred species of colorful and vibrant birds.

Miavana is able to provide a private, smooth lounge that is independent of the typical private island trpes. You won’t find any thatched roof here – the design is smooth and elegant, and perfect for any honeymoon.

It can be a long journey to get to Madagascar, but Miavana delivers what happens once in a lifetime and a perfect island for honeymoon.

  1. Song Saa, Cambodia

The Cambodian coast is home to a number of tourists, who owe a small portion of this private divine island. So after exploring the jungle-filled ruins of Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat, head back to the south of the country for a little beach break, where you can take a spectacular view of the magnificent Gulf of Thailand from your own plunge pool.

Most of the hotel staff is from a neighboring area, so there is a real level of authenticity and warmth in the service – such as how each day’s travel route comes handwritten in a folder tucked under your door every morning. The best part? Song Saa is located on a bioluminescent ocean floor, so many nights seem to be accompanied by magic.

  1. Palawan, Philippines

best islands for honeymoon

A little unexpected, yes, but nothing less than paradise than some of the most tried and true places. One way to spend the day is simply to sleep on the right beach and see how the water and the sky turn into jaw-dropping shades as the sun rises and sets magically. You can also embark on boat trips a fun way to experience the beautiful scenery. Oh, and the locals are the sweetest and the food is brand new.

  1. Taha’a, French Polynesia

Bora Bora has no monopoly on Polynesian honeymoons. The neighboring island is also a stunner, which is not surprising considering that they share the same blue- water. Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa on a private island just a few minutes from Thaha’a by boat (head over to a rum distillery trip to Pari Pari) is a call for dreamy watering bungalows where you can watch sunrise and sunset, delicious food with treehouse vibes, and easy access to transitions of life-changing snorkeling at Coral Gardens.

  1. Kauai, Hawaii

Adventure is on the menu on this green Hawaiian island, but with a great side to relax. There is an increase in waterfalls and coastal areas up to the Na Pali Coast, for example, with water activities such as surfing, kayaking and sailing. There is also the opportunity to fly a helicopter over the island and land at the huge waterfall that made it famous in Jurassic Park.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

The island nation of Zanzibar – off the coast of Tanzania – is almost amazing and unsurprising. The water is turquoise like you’ve never experienced, strikes creamy sandy beaches and sandbars in a soft white froth. Small fishing villages, a UNESCO site and a live music theater keep things interesting if you do not sunbathe in front of well-designed hotels. Your money goes surprisingly far when you are there, but it is advisable to use a wildlife safari beforehand.

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  1. South Island, New Zealand

Although the southern half of New Zealand has some beaches, and certainly large waves of surfing, it is not a typical island in the tropics. What is not in the heat all year round is more than just beautiful landscapes – rugged mountains dramatic waterfall-laced fjords, placid blue lakes and glaciers, to name just a few. It’s an undeniable love all year round, especially with the spacious center-filled spaces at the Matakauri Lodge in Queenstown, an adrenaline-inspired workshop, bucolic beauty and wine.

  1. Mauritius

Anyone who has ever been to the Indian Ocean knows that it is epic. So while you may be unaware of this French-speaking African island, you can be sure that its location in the world guarantees beautiful beaches. It is also home to some of the country’s most inland attractions, such as the Black River Gorges National Park, a tropical rain forest, the Seven Colored Earths by volcano and waterfall. With 18th century botanical gardens, the famous horse track and wide rivers (not to mention the full kitesurfing wind) have a lot to offer. Towards the end of 2017 brings the re-opening of One & Only Le Saint Geran, a refurbished and special 5-star viewing facility accessible by helicopter or luxury launch.

  1. Hong Kong

For the big city to take over the island life, it is about Hong Kong, a former British colony. Not only do you have spectacular sky towers – beautiful, special and high-quality auspicious and dignified home, Hong Kong’s Home Peninsula is home to beautiful buildings with fertile mountains and hills, even coves to swim and snorkel it. The outlying islands, too, explode with nature, comparing the bustling city of Hong Kong Island, with Lantau, lovers can once again climb the Lantau Peak at sunrise. With all that work you will easily work on the appetite, ready to consider the abundance of amazing food opportunities in this food-friendly city. This is one of the best islands for honeymoon that you an try..

  1. Hvar, Croatia

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably heard a lot about Dalmation Coast in recent years and Croatia, too. This island in the ancient Adriatic Sea, shows its Gothic castles and 13th-century walls. One of the best islands for honeymoon in Croatia also display their natural beauty in the form of azure waters, beaches, and lavender fields.

  1. Kangaroo Island, Australia

The island of Kangaroo may sound like a single note (kangaroos are everywhere imaginable), but it is far from it. The island of South Australia is one of the best islands to wildlife and is home to not only namesake jumpers but also a beautiful island for honeymoon. It also covers more than 200 miles [300 km] of coastline, consisting of dense cliffs and clear sand.

  1. Sri Lanka

If you can’t make up your mind about what kind of place suits your honeymoon holiday, choose Sri Lanka, because it has everything you really want and one of the best islands to have the perfect honeymoon. Colombo offers city life, the south and east coast is ripe with perfect sandy beaches and soft waves (ideal for experienced or beginner riders), and the north has beautiful cultural temples. There are also elephants and leopards, a spectacular view of the safari in Yala National Park (go to the beautiful “huts” of Chena Huts), fishing ponds, cinnamon growing islands (Hotel Tri), waterfalls, mountains, yoga, and Ayurvedic remedies from the grid in Santani.


There’s literally no better way to celebrate your nuptials than by checking into one of this beautiful islands for your honeymoon designed to indulge all of your tropical fantasies.